What the Artist Sees

“The Artist sees what others only catch a glimse of.” -Leonardo da Vinci

Hi, and welcome to my blog!

What does da Vinci mean when he says the artist sees what others only catch a glimse of?  Well, I think it’s how we think when we look at things.  I can’t look at anything without studying the details.  My cats are lines and fur and face shapes and whiskers that are bent one way or another.  A wine glass is an object that catches the light differently between red and white wines.  A leaf has so many veins and imperfections and little places where bugs took a bite that I could study it for hours.  See what I mean?

I take these details and decide which of them will make a statement and how to present them. From this, I make art to show you.

See this?

Raising Stars, which I made a couple of years ago, came from my husband singing Frank Sinatra’s “Catch a Falling Star” and my mind, which hears what others only catch a glimpse of, too, thought, “Stars don’t belong in pockets.” So, I had a story to tell.  Here’s the story: she went and collected all those stars back from the people who pocketed them and took them up to the highest mountain she could find and set them free again. So now I had an assignment: find the images I need from around me and interpret them into a picture.  The girl and the stars have detail that took me days and days to draw, but the mountains and clouds don’t.  I wanted to focus on her and the stars she’s setting free.  That’s me seeing the imagery and the story it has to tell.

That’s how I make art, but it’s also how I see all the time.  Any detail of my life – something I see or hear or read – could suddenly become art.  When I work with clients, I do this with intention.

I’d love it if you’d like to work with me to find out what I can make for you!  Please feel free to leave comments or ask questions – Curiosity is my favorite people trait!  And check out my work in the “My Pretties” tab.

Thank you for joining me!